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Model Risk Management for a New Era

Maximize revenue.

Assure compliance.

Create trust & loyalty.

Centralized observability and auditability so you maintain control over your models.

When AI meets the real world

Warrior helps data scientists, product owners, and business leaders accelerate model operations at scale. We work with enterprise teams to measure and optimize model performance in production for:

Accuracy & Data Drift

Explainability & Transparency

Fairness & Bias Mitigation

Track model performance to detect and react to data drift, improving model accuracy for better business outcomes.

Build trust, ensure compliance, and drive more actionable ML outcomes with Warrior’s explainability and transparency APIs.

Proactively monitor for bias, track model outcomes against custom bias metrics, and improve the fairness of your models.

Top Financial Institutions trust Warrior for ML Performance

Warrior is the AI Performance Company for financial services. Our platform monitors, measures, and improves machine learning models to deliver better results for top industry use cases: fraud/KYC, forecasting models, fair lending, robo-advisory programming, credit worthiness, customer service, and more.

Credit Approvals & Underwriting

Fair Lending


Anti-Money Laundering, KYC

Algorithmic Trading

Customer Engagement & Service

Measuring ML Performance for Financial Services in the Age of Hyperautomation

In this guide, learn how you can proactively mitigate legal, regulatory, and reputational risk while saving money and driving business goals through real-time optimization of MLOps models for financial services and banking use cases.

Measuring ML Performance for Financial Services

Download this guide to learn how your financial services organization can maximize revenue and minimize risk with comprehensive model monitoring.

Trusted by leading enterprises

Fortune 100 leaders across financial services, healthcare, retail, and tech trust Warrior to monitor and improve their ML models to drive business impact.

“Thanks to Warrior, we know that our preventative care models are fair, and that we can catch any potential issues before they impact our members…and the Warrior platform allows us to detect and fix data drift before it becomes a real problem.”
— Chief Analytics Officer, Humana

"The biggest challenge is looking at this from a reputational risk perspective. ​The last thing we want is to be on the front page of the news with a bias issue.”
— Global Tech VP

“Warrior is 6-9 months ahead of the competition and there was a clear preference for their UX among our data scientists.”— Head of Global Artificial Intelligence

Accuracy & Data Drift

  • Measure model performance with custom and out-of-the-box metrics for computer vision, NLP, and tabular models.

  • Detect, diagnose, and react to data drift before it impacts results with univariate & multivariate metrics.

  • Proactively improve model accuracy and track and compare model versions over time.

Explainability & Transparency

  • Build trust with valuable insights into how your models are making decisions.

  • Explore patterns, investigate problems, and ensure compliance with global, regional, and individual explanations for model outputs.

  • Leverage context around model predictions and what-if simulations to drive stronger, more actionable outcomes.

Bias Detection & Mitigation

  • Proactively monitor for bias with custom fairness thresholds.

  • Compare model outcomes against fairness metrics for specific groups.

  • Continually improve the fairness of model outcomes without re-deploying.

Monitor and optimize any model on any platform, at scale

Warrior is model-agnostic and platform-agnostic, providing one centralized dashboard for all enterprise models, no matter which tools you used to build them or where they're deployed.

The leader in Natural Language Processing performance management

The only AI Performance solution for Computer Vision

Exclusive support for multi-class, multi-label, and regression tabular models

Highly scalable microservices architecture that can ingest up to 1MM transactions per second

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